The Best Activities to Do Keep Your Old Folks Happy

October 10, 2017

The elderly are the people loved and adored by many. Not only are they looked up to for their wisdom and experience, they also take any chance they get to hang out with their grandkids and their other loved ones.

Spending time with your old folks is something to be remembered and cherished. There are a lot of activities to partake in with them to keep the happiness around. If you’re looking for the perfect activity for and with them, here are some of those activities.


There’s nothing like a day well-spent in the park with your grandparents and a basket of delicious homemade foods. To make this activity more fun, bring some things to help pass the time such as a Frisbee, Board Games, any ball, or anything that can bring further entertain you.

Arts and Crafts

This activity can bring out the inner artists within you and your grandparents. All you’ll need is your imagination and some things that help cater to your craftsmanship.



A more broader form of art. Having your grandparent put their thoughts into a canvass makes it worthwhile as long as they’re happy. If you want, mix a plethora of colors and create a work of art that’s out of this world.

Board Games

This is just to expound on what was mentioned back in the Picnic section. Board games are a great way to pass the time and spend a quality of it with your grandparents. There’s nothing like a friendly competition between loved ones and see who among them gets the highest score.

A classic board game loved by people of ages is chess. For grandparents, if your grandchild doesn’t know how to play the game, take the opportunity to teach them the basics and then play with them once they get the hang of it. For grandkids, take the opportunity as well to teach them how to play newer board games and have lots of fun with them.

Video Games

Though this activity may not always be a hit with them, that doesn’t mean that your grandparents and other senior companions aren’t willing to learn the fun of it. To grandchildren everywhere, if you’re a gamer, take the chance to teach them how to play your video games, even if it’s just the basics.

Despite their age, your grandparents are still willing to learn new things when given the chance. So, simply give them that chance and have lots of fun.

Taking Walks Around the Park

This activity may have been mentioned several times throughout other material you may have read. Nonetheless, this activity has the strongest capacity to bring you closer to your grandparents.

Unlike any other, the time you spend with your grandparents is immeasurable. All you have to do is just walk beside them, talk, and see where your feet can take you. You’d be surprised by how much wisdom you can absorb and how infectious their happiness can be. Walk with them to your heart’s content and with all the love you can shower each other.

These activities are what strengthens the bonds of family. No matter how old the get in time, the love you all share with one another goes beyond that.

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