Write for Us

We started EmpanadaBites to be a platform for us to have a website where we can openly share what we know. This started because of our passion for writing.

With that in mind, we also want to share this opportunity to those who have the same passion in writing as we are. That’s why we decided to open EmpanadaBites to guest bloggers. So if you are interested to write for us, read our guidelines down below.

Why should you contribute?


Guest blogging is one of the most efficient ways to draw traffic to your own website. It allows you to get attention from some of our readers and make them your readers as well.


We plan on expanding EmpanadaBites through the use of social media websites. Yes we are still new and young, but as time goes by, our audience will grow along with us.

Regularly contribute and grow with us. We’ll share your articles to all our social media channels.


The holy grail of SEO. As a reward for your efforts to write the article and allow us to publish it, we will give guest bloggers 2 Dofollow links to your websites.

*Note: We will not give links to websites that are too spammy and those that are in affiliate marketing. Keyword stuffing is not allowed.


  1. Articles should be fit in the category that we have in our website. Articles that are not related to any category that we offer shall automatically be rejected.
  2. Information inside the article should be relevant, informational, and factual. We will not allow old articles that was just edited to make it look new. It must also be in good english
  3. All articles should be original and not have been posted in any other websites including your own. Facts should have citations.
  4. Affiliate links are not allowed.
  5. Keywords that are unnatural and related to gambling, sex, and violence will not be allowed.
  6. Articles should have a minimum word count of 500 words.
  7. At least 1 featured image is needed. You may use stock photos but make sure that you edit it to look more appealing to the reader.


If you are interested to contribute here at EmpanadaBites, you may send your pitch through our Contact Us page. Just type “Guest post proposal” as your subject and give us your topic or a list of topics you have in mind.