About EmpanadaBites

EmpanadaBites is owned by a group of passionate writers that aims to provide the internet with daily knowledge bites. We are a group of freelance writers who decided to create our own blog and write as one.

Here at EmpanadaBites, we share articles that we think are helpful for the every day life of our readers. We accumulated our experience in writing for different topics and so we decided to categorize the blog in the following:

We make sure that all articles are original and informative as we aim to provide only high quality articles.

Why EmpanadaBites?

Empanada came from the Spanish word empanarwhich means to wrap or coat in bread. EmpanadaBites have the same principle.

We gather all information we could find, write about it, and then wrap it up in our website.

The Team

Adrian Crisostomo

Adrian is a freelance writer who worked as a digital marketing specialist but decided to bring his talents online. He also works as a freelance SEO specialist. Coffee runs in his blood.


Mayumi Sugai

Mayumi also known as “Yumi”, loves traveling, and reading books. She loves trying different kinds of food in every place she visits. She also writes a lot about digital marketing and everything that has to do with SEO.