8 Ways to Add Flair to Your Dining Table this Valentines Day

January 9, 2020

Manufacturers of stainless steel in the Philippines provide raw materials to make the best quality table decors, cutleries, and other essentials used for dining. From steel, glass, and aluminum-made kitchens to table items, here are some brilliant and festive ways to add flair to your dining table this Valentines Day

Prepare a Tea Cup Set

tea cup

Ceramic, porcelain, and glass are the most common materials used for making teacup sets. These raw materials are great containers for hot beverages. Among the materials, the glass cups meet all the criteria. 

There are several types of glass cups including double-walled glass, vitrified, and borosilicate glasses. The double-walled glass is the most popular due to its visual illusions once the tea is poured inside. 

What else? The inner layer of the material retains the heat inside which is why the tea will remain hot. Whereas the outer layer maintains its external temperature. Increase the drama on your dining table during the day with a teacup set made of glass.

Display Ornaments in a Fruit Bowl

Naturally, fruits are displayed in fruit baskets. For a change, use a stainless steel fruit bowl for a contemporary touch. Not only are they durable, but they also add a smooth look on the dining table due to its brassed surface. There are plenty of fruit bowls made of steel. When purchasing one, make sure the steel and other coatings are safe for any food contact. 

A Chocolate Fountain as a Centerpiece

A ceramic or glass chocolate fountain in the middle of the dining table is a sight to see! Serve the fountain after the main courses for desserts. Display pretzels, wafers, marshmallows, and other desserts that go well with chocolate syrup. Make bonding time more fun and enjoyable with an overflowing chocolate fountain. This centerpiece is perfect for the sweet tooth. Take note, watch out for the children. While it is all fun and treats, the sugar rush can keep a child awake all night. 

Display Wine in a Bucket


Instead of placing the wine on top of the table aligned with the fruits and other displays, why not use a wine bucket? Regardless of whether you have a glass-made or steel-manufactured bucket, it remains a great way to present wine on the dining table during Valentines. Not only does the beverage maintain its cold taste, but it also adds character to the entire area on the table that it occupies.

Serve Drinks in Wine Goblets

Bring out all those wine goblets made of steel or glass that you have been saving for a special occasion. With all the wine-giving during the Valentines’ season, it is impossible to resist displaying your treasured goblets on the dining table. 

For those who are not very particular with matching the purpose or the beverage with the right glass, a goblet can be used to serve water and juice drinks as well. The structure of the goblet adds flair to the dining table, whether it is for display or use. 

Put Candles on a Candelabra

candle in candelabra

Light up your dining table for Valentine’s dinner with the right size candelabra. If you have a long table at home, you can add two on each side to balance the illumination. Whereas a round table or oblong will only need one in the middle of it. Candles make everything romantic. 

The soft and diffused light it gives off can make the eyes of a person dilate which is the same as when humans see an object that they love. With that, putting candles on a candelabra and displaying it on the dining table will make the dinner more intimate. Share memories and recent life stories between you and your lover this Valentine’s day under a relaxing ambiance created by the candles. 

Present Desserts in a Cake Stand

A cake stand, especially the ones that are made of glass which rotate, present the best way to serve cake or other delicious treats. Similar to the chocolate fountain, the cake stand can be a great centerpiece. Aside from glass, there are also some made of a steel safe for kitchen use. 

Display Festival Lanterns

If candelabras are too much for you, try lanterns. The structure of a lantern, with glass sides and steel case, allows the candle inside to diffuse slightly more which reduces the illumination. With this, you can just simply have it on display without being the main source of light. What else? You can add little details or heart ornaments on the top of the lantern and the side without the fear of burning it.

Key Takeaway

There are plenty of kitchenware and dining table essentials made from steel, glass, and aluminum manufactured in the Philippines by stainless steel manufacturing companies. They are high-grade and quality that suits every use.

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