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January 22, 2019

If we talk about any famous state so the best part about this things is that for that we don’t need to give
enough details of that place. You just call out the name of that place and all the tourist attractions there
automatically clicks in the minds of people. Fujairah is one of those famous states for which you just call
out the name and people is aware of the famous museums and history of the place. This place has a
huge history and historical attractions. People who are interested in exploring the historical sites must
be interested in going to the Fujairah city tour!

Fujairah is amongst the foremost common tourist destinations in United Arab Emirates. Settled within
the east of UAE. The oldest of the Emirates, Fujairah conjointly ranks in concert of the highest 3
bunkering locations. Whereas economy is definitely booming here, attracting travelers from across the
world. It is also blessed with the bounty of nature. Splendid sandy beaches, mountains and oases,
charming historical attractions and archaeological sites and sunshine. Fujairah options of these and a lot

Rugged foothills of the Hajar Mountains touch the coast. The industrial hub for Fujairah emirate, its busy
main street, Hamad Bin Abdullah Road, may be a muddle of worn strip-malls and semi-flashier glass and
steel running all the way down to the ocean whereas the northern city district is hemmed in by large
fields of circular oil storage containers. It is not the prettiest place within the world, however its value a
glance as it has the archaeological assortment housed there and is the small fort.
This tour takes you through a number of the fascinating attractions to be found in Fujairah, the sole
emirate within the UAE to be found on its Japanese coast facing the Gulf of Asian country.

Fujairah Fort:
Believed to be the oldest fort within the country, it is a place of nice historical importance because it
served as the home of ruling family moreover as being a significant defensive building. In built 670 and
badly broken within the early a part of the twentieth century
the fort has since been rehabilitated to its former glory.

Al Bithnah Fort:
Built in 1735, the defensive structure is found outside the city and is the foremost necessary defensive
positions within the UAE because it provides guard over the trade routes that crossed the Hajar

Fujairah Museum:
This place is understood for its glorious assortment of artifacts chemical analysis back to the first Bronze
Age that were excavated throughout digs at Bithnah and Qidfa. One amongst its standout exhibits may
be a a pair of, 200-year recent bowl made of associate ostrich egg.

Participants even have the chance to try to to some searching at the fruit and vegetable market and
carpet market, where they will obtain fresh foods and souvenirs for home.
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