7 Must-have Essentials for your Survival Kit

March 16, 2018

When going outdoors, or during times of calamity and other emergency situations, having a survival kit is a definite must. Having a survival kit makes sure that you have immediate relief during the most dire situations. A survival kit needs to have the most important things that you need to use in case of injury, starvation, and navigation. To get you started in making your own survival kit, here are 7 must-have items for your own survival kit.

  1. Knife

It almost every survival situation, having a knife handy is always a must. A knife is both a weapon and a tool. It can help you cut through various objects, while also being a weapon you can use to defend yourself. It is best to get the most durable and sharpest knife available.

  1. Compass and map

When going outdoors, one of the worst case scenarios is getting lost. With that in mind, it is important to have a compass and map handy. Having a compass and a map makes sure that you’ll be able to determine your location, and know where the nearest places of safety are.

  1. Firestarter

One of the essentials when you are in a survival situation is to make sure that you keep warm, especially during the night. With this in mind, it is important to have a firestarting kit. A magnesium firestarter kit is a popular choice, along with “strike anywhere” matches. Carrying some tinder helps as well.

  1. Signalling equipment

When you are in a situation that you are lost in a secluded place like a forest, the local authorities will be notified and will organize a search party.  Despite this, search parties still have a difficult time looking for people who are lost. To assist them, you must have tool that can attract their attention. One essential item to have is a flare gun. Having a flare gun ensures that you can catch the attention of search parties. Other essential tools include a mirror and a whistle. Having a mirror can help catch any person’s attention with its bright glare, while a whistle provides you another tool that can help people look for you.


  1. First aid kit

In survival situations, it is sometimes unavoidable that you can get wounded or injured. With this in mind, you must be prepared and have a first aid kit. The first aid kit must contain an adequate amount of medicine, bandages, and cleaning liquids to help you treat wounds and other injuries.

  1. Food and water

It is important to make sure that you’re getting the proper nutrition during survival situations. Having a food and water supply would come in handy in the worst situations. This makes sure that you have the energy that can keep you going.

  1. Tent

In a survival situation, it is important that you keep on moving towards to a place of safety. While doing so you must have a form of shelter to keep you protected from the elements. Having a tent in handy ensures that you have shelter that you can easily dismantle and move as you go.

Being in a survival situation is difficult, and having a survival kit makes sure that you can get by and keep yourself safe, warm and well-fed. Getting these essential materials would guarantee that you have a survival kit that would work.


Adrian Crisostomo

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