5 Ways to Improve Technical Optimization for Your Websites

March 9, 2018

Businesses can come in a variety of forms, particularly in physical and online aspects. There are a lot of things that make business in its physical form the industry it is today. However, for online businesses, the thing that ensures its success is a certain thing known as, “Search Engine Optimization”. Also known by many professionals as ‘SEO’.

In today’s online industry, SEO in the Philippines has helped shape numerous businesses into what they are now. With web traffic as an immediate guarantee for sites everywhere, revenue has increased and more start-up companies have taken this route of progress.

To give a brief overview, search engine optimization or SEO is what ensures your site being found on search engines such as Google. With the use of keywords, your site can end up on any page on the web, though with SEO’s help, their aim is to put your site on the very first page.

But, with all its offerings as an aid for numerous start-up companies, how exactly can one improve their technical optimization for their site? If you wish to do so, here are some things that may be of assistance.

1. Write and Publish Relevant Content

When people visit a site, the first thing they do is read anything that comes to view. Every content on your page is prone to being read, and in turn, will determine how many of those visitors will keep visiting.

For this, make sure that any content you are about to write and publish is relevant to any topic or concern at hand. When people read your content and they find that it’s well-written and easily relatable, their return to your site to read other content is a guarantee.

2. Be Careful with your Keywords

When you publish content, your keywords are what attracts any potential readers to visit the site. As you write your article, be careful on where to put your keywords since they would be hyperlinked to any related content.

Also, as much as possible, place your keyword within the first 100 words of your article. That way, readers will be able to see it right away without having to look for it among a hundred-or-so words.

3. Make Sure Your Page Has an Appropriate Title

When people go online to read any content that comes into their view on the screen, they would like to read exactly what the title suggests. With that said, this step is simple enough to follow. Make sure that your title is relevant to the content you produce.

While many writers tend to stick to the title given for them to write about, it doesn’t always have to be the case. As long as what you have written is in-tune with the initial topic, you have the ability to change your article title while ensuring that it still stays relevant with the topic.

4. Make Sure to Get the Right Links

Since everyone goes online, numerous sites are visited. All they have to do is click on where they want to visit and they’re there in a matter of seconds.

However, what if the links to those websites prove to be wrong? That’s the exact mistake an SEO professional should avoid. For this, just make sure that the links you assign for various content for your site are ensured to take any visitor there directly.

5. Keep Sharing

All in all, in order to really ensure increase in your site’s web traffic, constant sharing and other means of distribution is what keeps a business thriving. With the advancement technology has to offer, especially with the inclusion of social media as a tool, there are many ways for you to get the word out and share your content as much as you want.

SEO has helped give start-up companies the boost they need to get started. With proper implementation of these tips and more, technical optimization and various other advancements are guaranteed.

Adrian Crisostomo

Adrian is a freelance writer who worked as a digital marketing specialist but decided to bring his talents online. He also works as a freelance SEO specialist. Coffee runs in his blood. Visit my blog at https://kuyasthoughts.com/


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    Raj Kishore

    I like your post but you missed some more techniques to make a new links like link exchange and much more.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Raj,

      Thank you for reading. There are a lot more techniques out there like you mentioned and we would love to make another post and cover more techniques. I hope you drop by again thanks!

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    Tom Buckland

    Great techniques presented, very helpful and informative.

  3. Avatar
    Deon Christie

    Outstanding post Adrian. And I especially agree with your conclusion. SEO is SO not an overnight success story, all great things require time. Allow me to add that including hyperlinks in a post, to other relevant blog posts is another link building technique. And I also use the “Content Links” Plugin, actually indexed hundreds of links with this amazing little tool. Stay blessed…

    1. Avatar
      Adrian Crisostomo

      Hi Deon,
      Our website just started and we really appreciate that you took the time to read one of our posts. Content Links looks like an interesting plugin to try. Would really love to check that out. I agree with you that linking to other posts is great for SEO too. That’s why blogs shouldn’t be too scared to give out some dofollow links. Thank you for dropping by and have a great day!

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    Prachi Kalra

    I really appreciate your piece of writing. Keep it up!

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