Being one of the smallest countries in Asia, Singapore does not have a sizeable land area that can be developed. With this, one of the major issues that the country addressed is their housing. With a small land area, Singapore established the Housing and Development Board, or HDB, to address the country’s housing issues. The HDB solved this issue by building government owned, low-cost residential buildings for both its citizens. Currently, around 80% of Singaporeans live in HDBs. From low floor HDBs, to high floor HDBs, here is a short guide to the HDBs of Singapore.

Housing Types

HDBs are high rise apartment buildings, with the verticality offering more livable space for its citizens. HDB offers a variety of flat types in each of the apartment buildings: from the basic 1-room flat, 2-room flat, and the 3-room flat. Along with the flats, the buildings offer recreational spaces and facilities for the people to use.

Low floor and high floor

Since the flats are situated in high rise buildings, the flats are classified into two levels: low floor HDBs, and high floor HDBs. As their name states, low floor HDBs are situated in the lower levels of the buildings, while high floor HDBs are in the upper levels. For those who are looking for a place in the country, there is a sizeable resale market for low floor HDBs.

Affordability and cost

Purchasing an HDB flat is a big financial decision, and the cost depends on the level of your choosing. High floor HDBs tend to cost more, which may not be attractive for people who are still in entry-level jobs. However, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, low floor HDB flats are more affordable and available to people looking to relocate in the country.

Picking the right flat

Choosing a flat has its advantages and disadvantages, dependent on the level you are in. With most of the high floor HDBs being costly for most people looking to relocate, low floor HDBs are a feasible option, and has its benefits, like being more affordable, convenient, and has more accessible open space and recreational areas.

Living in an HDB

Living in an HDB has its benefits, these include:

  • Being close to the country’s business centers: Living in an HDB means business and employment opportunities are conveniently within reach.
  • Public transportation: Living in an HDB also gives you easy access to the country’s efficient public transportation system. The country has an MRT, a bus system, and taxis. Going around the country is convenient, with a good variety of transportation options available.
  • Sights and sounds: Living in Singapore exposes you to the diverse cultures present in the country. With a lot of tourist destinations and recreational places around, one can experience what the country has to offer.

HDBs offer affordable, accessible, and quality housing for people living in the country. Purchasing one is a big decision, but in the end, gives you benefits that make your purchase worth the price. If you’re planning to relocate to work in Singapore, then HDBs are the best choice available.

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