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Don’t quit your day job just to pursue your passion

If there’s one question that every aspiring entrepreneur asks themselves at some point in their professional lives, it is whether they should or shouldn’t quit their day job to pursue their passion full time. Now, some of you may be at a crossroads currently with regards to your job. Perhaps you’re feeling dissatisfied. Perhaps you’ve been contemplating […]


by vic-zap -- March 26, 2019

A must to do tour is Fujairah City Tour

If we talk about any famous state so the best part about this things is that for that we don’t need to give enough details of that place. You just call out the name of that place and all the tourist attractions there automatically clicks in the minds of people. Fujairah is one of those […]


by vic-zap -- January 22, 2019

Micro Influencers: The future of Influence Marketing

We’ve all heard of the term “Micro Influencer” being thrown out a lot but what does that really mean and is it the future of Social Media Influencers. The thing about Micro Influencers is that they are a little bit more relate-able, you feel like you can talk to them, friends and family kind type […]


by vic-zap -- January 11, 2019

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