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How to Paint on Plastic Products

How do you paint on plastic products? Pick the right kind of paint Clean the plastic surface Apply primer then paint Dry and apply finishing touches   Plastic injection molding offers a wide variety of molding and coloring options that allow you to create a wide array of designs. From containers, toys, medical prosthetics, and […]


by vic-zap -- September 2, 2019

How Toys and Model Kits are Made

What are the different stages of production for toys and model kits? Designing  Molding Production Assembly and Finished Product   When it comes to products manufactured from the plastic injection molding, one that has been produced the most are toys and model kits. These plastic products are not only one of the most abundant, but […]


by vic-zap -- July 15, 2019

Alcohol Distribution: The Three-Tier System

What is the three-tier system of alcohol distribution? 1. Producers 2. Distributors 3. Retailers   Alcohol Distribution in the United States has had a deep and controversial history during the early decades 20th century, with the Prohibition banning the sale of alcohol in the country altogether from 1920 to 1933. This era was marked by […]


by vic-zap -- May 23, 2019

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