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Benefits of a Working Kiddo During Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are often used for “resting”. Usually, kids go on family trips, summer camps, and abroad to spend their summer. However, studies show that most kids nowadays think of working while studying in school. The international school scene has recognized this trend among others and the major benefits a working student is gaining especially […]


by vic-zap -- March 9, 2018

The Best Activities to Do Keep Your Old Folks Happy

The elderly are the people loved and adored by many. Not only are they looked up to for their wisdom and experience, they also take any chance they get to hang out with their grandkids and their other loved ones. Spending time with your old folks is something to be remembered and cherished. There are […]


by vic-zap -- October 10, 2017

What Kind of Beach Goer Are You?

You’ve finally found the time in your busy work schedule to be able to go to the beach! For sure, you want to be able to make the most out of it. While going glamping in a private beach would be awesome, it could prove complicated to organize such a trip with your group. Settling […]


by vic-zap -- October 10, 2017

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