After a long week of stress from the rigors of work and daily urban life, you just need some time off to relieve some stress. Since some vacation destinations may seem a bit too far for your liking. But an affordable alternative would be having a nice and satisfying staycation conveniently located near high or low floor HDBs. Singapore offers a lot of places to choose from when it comes to looking for the ideal staycation spot. From affordable quality hotels and inns, here is a staycation guide worth your time off.

  1. Kam Leng Hotel

A hotel located near Little India, Kam Leng offers a glimpse into 1930s Singapore. With rooms sporting a vintage look, this is a good place for those looking for a unique experience.

  1. Wanderlust Hotel

This hotel offers rooms with unique designs from some of Singapore’s best design agencies. Originally built as a school, the hotel offers a diverse set of rooms, each with a certain theme. Another place for people looking for a fresh and unique experience.

  1. Studio M Hotel

For couples looking for a romantic and private staycation, Studio M is the place to be. Offering high ceiling loft bedrooms that offer nice views of Singapore, Studio M is also near restaurants and food establishments that you can enjoy with your romantic partner.

  1. The Quincy Hotel

For those looking for a complete staycation accommodation package, the Quincy hotel offers quality perks and amenities at an affordable price. The hotel also offers some activities which you can enjoy (better so with a partner), and is also near Singapore’s shopping district. The Quincy Hotel is the ideal staycation spot for those who want a complete service.

  1. Village Hotel Katong

Located in the quieter Eastern side of Singapore, this hotel offers a more private and intimate setting. With rooms with design influences from Peranakan culture, it offers uniquely designed rooms that embrace the country’s cultural heritage. It is also near East Coast Park, which is an ideal place for walks, jogging, and some cycling.

  1. Hotel 1929

Another hotel with uniquely designed rooms, Hotel 1929 has rooms with early 20th century designs, which gives off a retro feel. Some of the rooms even have private balconies where you can enjoy some nice views. Some rooms have an outdoor bath where you can enjoy a relaxing bath under the night sky.

  1. Kranji Farm Resort

If you want to try something a bit more diverse, the Kranji Farm Resort’s villas are located inside a farm. It may not be your usual staycation place, but the resort offers a variety of unique activities, like fishing, and going to the beer garden. For those looking for a new experience, this resort is worth a look.

There are many ways to enjoy a staycation within the country, and finding the hotel that is worth your money and time can make it all worthwhile. From unique experiences to intimate settings, a staycation can feel like an actual vacation with the right place.

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  1. Wow Duane! Singapore looks so nice outside of Changi LOL. We laid over there 3 or 4 times but spent a few hours in the airport. One of the best on earth!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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