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Everyone loves camping trips. In fact, it’s actually one of the best things you can do for a vacation or a weekend getaway. It’s fun to gather up for this kind of trip, but planning for it can get a bit challenging – especially with the food.

We all love food, whether it be pork, chicken or fish recipes– we want good food. So to save you from the trouble, here’s a list of campfire recipes you’d definitely want to try.

Smoky Campfire Burgers

Burgers are the real deal for campfires! Or any time of the day. You can make this black pepper cheddar campfire burger recipe with an easy DIY biscuit mix that you can pre-make at home. Then at the site, you’ll just need to add water and heat the biscuits. Easy, right? Check out the recipe here.

Sheepherder’s Breakfast

This delicious breakfast this will definitely make you want it! Combining bacon strips, hash brown potatoes, eggs, and cheddar cheese – what’s not to love? Get the recipe here.

Cheese Dutch Oven Potatoes

Want to cook over hot coals during campfire? You can have this cheesy Dutch oven potatoes loaded with bacon in the list! You can get the recipe here.

Whole Wheat Pasta in Foil

This particular recipe makes pasta a good dish for a campfire. Added with goat cheese and tomatoes, this recipe brings pasta to a whole new level. Check out the recipe here.

Campfire Hash Dish

A different recipe for a campfire? Here’s campfire hash dish – a personal recipe made of potatoes and smoked kielbasa you can make for the family! Try the recipe here.

Hot and Cheesy Camping Quesadilla

This cheesy, yummy quesadilla will make your campfire more than just a campfire but a cheesy campfire – kidding. Anyway, you can check the recipe here.

Campfire Beer Pancakes

Pancakes with a twist! This recipe is for pancake lovers out there – while making use of your left over beers. Want to try? Check the recipe out here.

Pot of S’mores

Of course, before anything else – do not forget the all-time campfire favourite recipe – s’mores! Check out the gooey Dutch oven version of s’mores here.

Trail Mix Sandwiches

For the sweets lover out there who doesn’t want to leave sweets for your camping trip – you can bring this trail mix sandwiches along and surely it will satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out the recipe here.

Bean and Ham Soup

It may be colder than the usual at the campsite and even if there’s fire to keep you warm, why not include soup in your campfire recipe list? Beans and ham will never be a better combination than it already is in a soup. Try the recipe here.

Campfire Cones

Kids enjoy campfire so much and what better way to double it up is to include this campfire cone recipe in your recipe list. It’s also another way to enjoy their s’mores. To know how, check it out here.

Camping Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are kids’ choice – so you wouldn’t want to leave it at home. Make use of these meaty, juicy favourites at the camp. Try this easy recipe here.

Pizza Nachos

Nachos and pizza in one? We’ve got you a recipe that you’ll surely love. Try it out here.

Love it? Try and savour the heavenly feeling these recipes will bring you on your camping trip!

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