Romblon’s Finest Beaches for Your Perfect Summer Getaway

August 6, 2018

Located in the Visayas, the province of Romblon is home to a lucrative marble industry, along with a good number of islands and islets. In those islands and islets lie beautiful and pristine beaches with white sands and clear water. Other than these attractive offerings their beaches offer, they are also not as crowded, compared to most of the popular beaches in the country plus good and cheap hotels that are same quality as the urban living.

Some of these beaches are privately owned, which means some of them have resorts and camping accommodations, while some offer a more intimate and natural setting. With the multitude of beaches present in the province, from Bonbon Beach to Tablas Point, here are the finest beaches perfect for your summer getaway.

  • Bonbon Beach

One of the most popular beaches in the province, Bonbon Beach offers a 2 kilometer of pristine white sand beach, with a seafront offering a beautiful view of the sunset. Since it is a privately owned beach, commercial establishments are absent, which gives it a more natural feel. Camping is also allowed for those who want to stay overnight. The best time to go to the beach is during low tide, which gives you access to Bangug Island via a sandbar.


  • Talipasak Beach

Talipasak Beach is another privately owned beach which has soft white sand and lush greens. Also located in the area is the San Pedro Beach Resort, where guests can rest in one of the nipa huts, and get affordable food at the restaurant inside the resort. The beach is also home to the beautiful and lively underwater life and corals.


  • Tiamban Beach

Much like the privately owned Bonbon Beach, Tiamban Beach also offers beautiful sights (like the view of Tablas Island from the beachfront itself) and a clear, turquoise waters, while also offering places to stay for tourists. Camping is also allowed on the beach for those who want to stay overnight.


  • Margie’s Beach

Just located next to Bonbon Beach, Margie’s Beach offers tourists with a calm and pristine beach, ideal for people who are into diving and snorkeling. The beach is also home to fascinating and massive rock formations that offer interesting views. This is an ideal location for those looking for a quieter and intimate place.


  • Tablas Point Beach Resort (Tablas Island)

Located in one of the main islands of the province, Tablas Point Beach Resort offers a complete package – from the beautiful beach, calm waters, diverse marine life, and fun activities for your friends and family. These activities include beach games, snorkeling, hiking, an island tour, and sightseeing. They also offer sizeable cabins, and they also allow an immersive and more expansive camping experience for the tourists who want to stay in for the night.

These five beaches provide the best of what the province of Romblon has to offer, while there are numerous places to see within the province itself, a summer getaway in Romblon is not complete without a stay in one of their beautiful and pristine beaches. This will guarantee a meaningful summer experience worth sharing to friends and loved ones.





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    I’m so excited to spend my vacation at Romblon. The kids would be so happy!

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