Find Out Why Google’s SEO Advice Doesn’t Seem to Interest Influencers Lately

May 30, 2018

Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as ‘SEO’, is an industry that proves to be versatile in its offerings. Its cooperation with a tech-giant like Google is an example of how much of an impact SEO has made today. But, if you wish to delve deeper into the world of SEO, is the latest SEO advice always the best source for wisdom?

In recent times, Google has climbed to the top of the search engine game. The information they provide comes in an infinite amount of pages and numerous websites are accessible through this engine. And with the introduction of SEO to the picture, start-up companies are getting the boost they need and the first page of every google search is what they’re all aiming for. But, what many don’t realize is that Google, while a big name in the world of technology, isn’t always perfect.

For your enlightenment, here are a few factors that may explain why Google’s SEO advice doesn’t always attract interest from influencers.

Google’s Data is Incomplete

Although Google is an engine heavily relied by everyone, there are some things you simply cannot search for. For instance, the data provided by Google is incomplete, especially when it comes to tools for SEO engagement and keyword searches.

While Google cannot publish everything due to their own policies as a search engine, their data is still essential for visitors and clientele to have access to for their own reasons.

Google Focuses on Profit

This is an aspect of Google that not many know about. Google, while one of the top names in the technology industry, is a massive technological corporation by itself. Since numerous other corporations focus on revenue and analytics, so does Google.

In short, SEO aims to provide a service while Google aims to earn profit from what they do. This isn’t, at all, a negative thing, but this is still one thing to consider when looking for SEO advice from Google.

As a Professional in SEO, You Can’t Just Think of Just any Keyword

When you’re a content writer for an SEO company, it’s your responsibility to input the keyword for clientele search purposes. But, for link-builders and blog managers, it’s their responsibility to come up with a keyword on certain parameters.

Keywords should be well-thought of and conceptualized while following a set of certain rules and regulations, courtesy of the company. Since keywords determine the traffic that sets on any website, you, as a professional in SEO, should make sure to come up with keywords both on your company’s and Google’s terms.

Google Runs a Tight Ship

Since Google is a large technology corporation in its nature, it’s no surprise that their limitations and parameters are extremely strict. For example, in 2014, the option to search via article authorship was removed, further widening search scopes for everyone. So, with that said, expect your progress to be highly monitored.

While Google’s advice may not always be the best to follow, their cooperation with SEO is of undeniable excellence. Their aim is to provide all websites a chance to rank in their vast space and give people what they’re looking for at the click of a button.

Adrian Crisostomo

Adrian is a freelance writer who worked as a digital marketing specialist but decided to bring his talents online. He also works as a freelance SEO specialist. Coffee runs in his blood. Visit my blog at


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    Raj Kishore

    I like your post but you missed some more techniques to make a new links like link exchange and much more.

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      Hi Raj,

      Thank you for reading. There are a lot more techniques out there like you mentioned and we would love to make another post and cover more techniques. I hope you drop by again thanks!

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    Tom Buckland

    Great techniques presented, very helpful and informative.

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    Deon Christie

    Outstanding post Adrian. And I especially agree with your conclusion. SEO is SO not an overnight success story, all great things require time. Allow me to add that including hyperlinks in a post, to other relevant blog posts is another link building technique. And I also use the “Content Links” Plugin, actually indexed hundreds of links with this amazing little tool. Stay blessed…

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      Adrian Crisostomo

      Hi Deon,
      Our website just started and we really appreciate that you took the time to read one of our posts. Content Links looks like an interesting plugin to try. Would really love to check that out. I agree with you that linking to other posts is great for SEO too. That’s why blogs shouldn’t be too scared to give out some dofollow links. Thank you for dropping by and have a great day!

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    Prachi Kalra

    I really appreciate your piece of writing. Keep it up!

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