Forest Trails You Need to Try in Innerleithen

June 26, 2018

Innerleithen is a small town in the Scottish Borders. When I say small, I mean small. Think 2500 people and only one supermarket. For being a really small town Innerleithen actually does boast a lot of cool things to do, and some of our favourite are the hiking trails through the hills and forests.

Up to Windy Knowe

If you sneak through the Pirn Wood and up to the right rather than following the nature trail, you will find a steep and muddy path through the trees. This is an exciting walk you can do with children and it is not too challenging for them either.

Forest trail 2

Follow the trail through the forest until it clears and you begin hiking up a hill. At the very top you will be rewarded with an incredible view of Innerleithen and a wonderful piece of history – the stone plaques on top of Windy Knowe. These plaques hold a story, they are built in a circle which represents the size of the huts which use to stand up on top of this hill many years ago.

Pirn Wood

Pirn wood is an exciting mix of nautre trails. The small muddy paths weave in and out of the trees, leading in many different directions through the woods. Our favourite way to follow the Pirn Wood trail is straight forward until we reach the Gold Course.

There are some boards and signs through the nature trails which give you more information about Pirn Wood.

St.Ronans Wood

This was only recently discovered by us, but it is such an exciting place to explore. Find the St.Ronans Wells then head into the woodland paths behind the Wells. There are many earthy paths you can follow, and you could easily explore in here for hours at a time.

One of our favourite finds in here was an enormous tree which had fallen down and was lying on its side. The base was so tall that it was actually taller than me, though I am only 5’1 it was still incredibly cool.


Plora Wood

Plora Wood is another interesting trail you can follow in Innerleithen. Particularly nice in the summer, you can enjoy watching many species of bird as you follow the trails here.

The ‘Red Bull’ Hill

This is typically more appealing to the mountain bikers who come in flocks to Innerleithen, but it is also a lovely walk/hike. There are many bike trails in the wood, so you need to be careful incase they are being used by bikers. Your best bet is to follow along beside the trails as you explore the woods. Just to be safe.

Contributed by: Natasha
Natasha is a forestry and education blogger at Apex Forestry. She blogs about forest and outdoor education along with information about trees and conservation.

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