Engine Ready: Spot These Brand New Cars That Recently Entered the Market

March 16, 2018

A few months into 2017, and a good number of car manufacturers have already debuted their latest models. While some of the latest debuts won’t be hitting the market this year, the ones that will enter the market will definitely get automotive enthusiasts excited. The latest models include the newest family sedans, the freshest SUVs, and the latest high-performance sports cars. From the latest model of the Toyota Vios, to Nissan’s newest SUVs, here are some of the newest cars to hit the Philippine market.

2017 Toyota Vios

One of the most popular car models in the region, the new Toyota Vios now sports a new look. With a new grille and a new set of lights that make it resemble Toyota’s other popular sedan model, the Camry, the new Vios also has a new set of safety features and improved performance. New safety features include improved ABS and Brake Assist. Under the hood, the Vios sports a 1.5 liter, 108hp engine.

2017 Toyota 86

One of the more popular sports car models in the country, the new Toyota 86 gets a new visual upgrade. Sporting a classic look, the new 86 also has a sleek and very modern interior, with a steering wheel that supports multiple functions, and an updated sound system. Engine performance has also been improved, being 5hp more powerful, the new 86 offers smooth performance and a classic look

2017 Lexus IS350

One of the newest luxury sedans in the market, the new IS350 blends smooth performance and good looks. With a 312hp V6 powerplant, the IS350 sports 3 driving modes to help you make good use of the powerful engine. Visually, the IS350 exhibits a classic look, which really gives out a luxury feel.

2017 Honda BR-V

The newest model entering the entry-level SUV market, the BR-V offers quality at an affordable price. With a sporty look, and a very roomy and sleek interior, the BR-V gets good points in the style department. For those looking for an affordable SUV that can accommodate your family, the BR-V is the most practical and effective choice.


2017 Mitsubishi Pajero

One of the most popular SUV models in the country, the newest Pajero sports the classic look of previous models, which can give owners of the older models a feeling of nostalgia. Performance-wise, the new Pajero now has a more powerful engine, which gives it good performance expected of its name. Like its predecessors, it is quite the capable SUV when going on off-road trips.

As the year goes on, more car manufacturers would be bringing out their latest models. This year has seen some quality models, and if that is an indicator for the rest of the year, then expect the newest upcoming models to be of the best quality when they finally hit the local market. If you’re looking to buy a car this year, then these models are really good recommendations that may tickle your fancy.


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