The Ultimate Hawker Food Guide

Hawker Food centers are a staple of the Singaporean culture. These hawker centers are the main choice for any local or tourist who is finding affordable yet authentic local food. You can find these hawker centers all over Singapore some are even right under their homes. There is no denying that Singapore is a food […]


by vic-zap -- July 18, 2018

Why College Graduates Don’t Feel Prepared for the Workplace

Is college education forcing students to live in a bubble? A recent study suggests that newly minted college graduates feel unprepared for the realities of employment. The traditional thinking is that college is where you develop your area of expertise, but that model may be outdated. According to a survey from Gallup and Strada, majority […]


by vic-zap -- July 16, 2018

Forest Trails You Need to Try in Innerleithen

Innerleithen is a small town in the Scottish Borders. When I say small, I mean small. Think 2500 people and only one supermarket. For being a really small town Innerleithen actually does boast a lot of cool things to do, and some of our favourite are the hiking trails through the hills and forests. Up […]


by vic-zap -- June 26, 2018

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